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Here To Teach...

Everyone has a unique story and background. There is one thing I feel that unites us as humans and that is the natural world. Nature gives and takes, but I would argue there is more that is given to us than taken. I hope to both teach and learn about nature and give those who read my blogs more information on subjects/topics that they would otherwise never research on their own.

 These topics range from areas  I am more knowledgeable in such as flint knapping, fishing, hunting, gardening, and current environmental/ecological issues. Though my skillset varies across each of these topics, I have more knowledge than the average person and hope to inspire and educate at least one person through my writings on this page. 


…And To Entertain

Though I hope to talk about potentially concerning topics (climate change, pollution, population decline, ethical animal harvesting, etc.) I still hope to invoke a sense of joy, humor, and inspiration as these are some of the core pillars of my personality. Everyone is already aware of the constant doom and gloom environmental content pumped out by major news networks and no one wants to feel like the world is on fire or that the best thing we can do is dig our own graves. Think of this website/blog as your reminder to stop and ground yourself. Feel your lungs inflate and the air flow across your skin, and most importantly, don’t forget to smile.

Photo taken by Keaton Beach